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fufufu~ (*´艸`)

poster and Tsukkun&Takuchan interview (6 pages)



This is just one example. And, I am not good at English.

I’m sorry if my English is hard to understand…

It is very good If you send the URL of my blog with the message.

Please tell myself things to the author. It’s very important. So one to feel very fear is…

Who did what for the wall mural


My guesses:

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How to make reading fanfiction sound fancy
Questionnaire: Write a little about your interests and hobbies.
Me: In my spare time I enjoy reading unpublished works of literature by online authors based off pre-existing franchises.


anime otps: Touya Kinomoto x Yukio Tsukishiro

"I don’t want you to disappear, Yuki.. It doesn’t matter who you are, I just want you to be always at my side, giving me that happy smile… That’s enough for me."   - Touya  

"You realize this because you have someone you like the most as well, Yukito-san?  Is it my brother?"  "…Yes." - Yukito  

The Soul Pair of CLAMP’s works’ universes.